Willis carrier brief history

He knew that engineers had long been able to heat, cool and humidify air.

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They helped cool ammunition plants crucial to the war effort. Lyle, Frank Sanna, Alfred E.

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The Blueprint of an Industry Carrier then tried his own experiment, replacing steam with cold water flowing through heating coils, balancing the temperature of the coil surface with the rate of air flow to pull the air temperature down to the desired dew point temperature. In Carrier was invited to give a lecture to the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, a high honor for someone so young. Carrier's lecture, published with the unpromising title of "Rational Psychometric Formulae," became the basis upon which the air conditioning industry was founded. Air conditioning had proliferated into American society and was spreading across the world. The paper in their printing plant would shrink or expand depending on the amount of water it absorbed from the air. This picture is thought to be among the last taken of Dr. May 13, Carrier introduces the first home air conditioner. Irvine Lyle, were determined to preserve the franchise they had so carefully developed. July 2, Carrier is awarded the principal air conditioning contract for Chicago's floor Sears Tower, which when completed, was the tallest building in the world. On December 3, , Carrier presented what is perhaps the most significant document ever prepared on air conditioning — Rational Psychrometric Formulae — at the annual meeting of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers. Ink, applied one color at a time, would misalign with the expansion and contraction of the paper stock. Carrier had invented the world's first spray-type air conditioning equipment, able to both wash and humidify or dehumidify air.

Irvine Lyle, Edward T. Born November 26,in Angola, N.

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Willis Carrier had demonstrated the intellect, creativity and vision to assemble everything that had gone on before him, improve upon it, and create something entirely new.

He becomes internationally recognized.

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Energized by the puzzle, Carrier immediately grasped the issues and began his investigation by means of rigorous testing and intensive data-gathering, hallmarks of his long career. Although the term air conditioning would not be coined for five years, Carrier's first design job as a young engineer was to develop an air conditioning system for the Sackett-Wilhelm lithographing company in Brooklyn, New York. The chlorofluorocarbons used in air conditioning have in recent years been blamed for the growing hole in the Earth's ozone layer. Great Depression and afterwards[ edit ] Despite the development of the centrifugal refrigeration machine and the commercial growth of air conditioning to cool buildings in the s, the company ran into financial difficulties, as did many others, as a result of the Wall Street Crash in October He realized that fog is nothingmore than water vapor that has condensed out of air. Patent 1,, was issued on February 3, Humidity in the plant wreaked havoc with the color register of its fine, multicolor printing. Chillers work to remove heat from liquid through a vapor compression cycle. As air's temperature drops, the amount of water vapor it can contain also drops. The temperature where this occurs is called the air's "dew point. Cooling water was drawn from an artesian well that first summer and supplemented by an ammonia compressor in the spring of to meet the demands of the first full summer of operation.

In his final decade, Willis Carrier successfully completed one of the most satisfying projects of his storied career before becoming Chairman Emeritus and turning his company over to a new generation of leadership.

On October 21,he reported in a letter to his home office that, "The cooling coils which we sold this company have given excellent results during the past summer.

Willis carrier brief history

He was an only child who spent a great deal of time tinkering with mechanical devices.

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Willis Carrier