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Take the barn-burning, for example. Does Jewel know who his father is? How would you characterize the preacher? Light in August was his first attempt to engage the rending racial issues of the South, an effort continued most successfully in Absalom, Absalom! He also resents his younger brother, and it probably has a lot to do with the fact that Addie loves Jewel most of all read her post-mortem confessional in Section 40 for all the proof you need. They had a premature daughter, Alabama, who died ten days after birth in ; a second daughter, Jill, was born in Darl Bundren is throughout the novel an indisputable example of this characterization. The two remaining brothers, Jewel and Darl, want nothing for themselves, but the journey brings to its crisis a rivalry that has deep roots in their relationship with their mother. Through symbolism, Darl's multiple points of view, and simple diction plus illogical syntax, Faulkner shows that Darl views society as corrupt which eventually leads to Darl's loss of identity as well as his sanity. Hardt, John S. Which are the most intelligent and sympathetic voices in the novel? Constantly defined by his family, Darl expresses himself in two very different ways: a son who struggles to belong and an eloquent mature mind. And he essentially tells Jewel that he is not a real member of the family by calling his paternity into question to his face.

This commentary will begin by explaining situation of the passage. He is probably in his late twenties. This is a scary talent to have, and it probably has something to do with the weird narrative technique of As I Lay Dying and the unique role Darl plays in this structure.

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He tried to enlist in the U. He repeats over and over that their mother has died. How would you characterize the preacher?

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The saga of the Bundren family is participated in, and reflected upon, by many other characters. Consider some of the other ways that love is expressed among the members of the family.

The obvious division, exists in the language he uses to converse with other characters and the magnificent words of his thoughts.

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He defines prevalence by having the courage to laugh at his own demons, may them be his relatives or his own destiny; his confinement is a quite macabre joke, but one that has not completely destroyed the perceptive, courageous man in him. In all three of these novels the family is central to structure, plot, and meaning. What compels loyalty in this family? Unfortunately, this peculiar way of confronting emotions is proved insufficient, considering the magnitude of the tragedy he is found involved in. Neither alive, nor dead, she reminds him how much of a burden he was. He gets his new teeth at the end of the novel and he also gets a new wife. The return of the repressed. Fall Slatoff, Walter J. What is the meaning of this passionate alliance, now repudiated by Whitfield? The father, Anse, wants a new set of teeth; the only daughter, Dewey Dell, is pregnant and hopes to get a pill to bring on a miscarriage; Cash wants a gramophone; Vardaman, the youngest, wants a toy train. New York: Norton, The questions below will necessarily be limited and are meant to open several, but certainly not all, areas of inquiry for your reading group. However, we will soon see that Darl's use of the three literary techniques listed above show that Darl's view on society as being corrupt leads him to losing his own identity and sanity. He tried to enlist in the U.

How is this done, given the seemingly equal mode of presentation for all voices?

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As I Lay Dying: a literary case of breakdown and break