The heart of darkness character analysis

Like Kurtz, she is an enigma: she never speaks to Marlow, and he never learns anything more about her.

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Although he shows his significance merely to impact the people on board, he becomes entirely passive when loneliness stares in his face. Although he appears in the second section, he provides the first-hand information to Marlow about Kurtz and his appearance. The first is the ability to cause uneasiness to others due to his power and second is the ability to bear African diseases in inner stations.

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Character 10 The Narrator The narrator is another important character. A well-educated European, he is described as a "universal genius" and begins his work in the Congo as part of a virtuous mission. The Brickmaker is unlikable, cunning, and contemptible. She believes in the benevolence of the European civilization and its advancement of civilization in African. He never actually makes any bricks, as he is always said to be waiting for some materials to arrive. Further reading. The "Pilgrims" European agents at the Central Station waiting for a chance to be promoted to trading posts, so they can then earn percentages of the ivory they ship back. He is one of few colonials who appear to have accomplished much. Natives They are a collective presence throughout the story. He seems to have an ability to outlive those around him. The first is the ability to cause uneasiness to others due to his power and second is the ability to bear African diseases in inner stations. Manager Marlow's direct supervisor, he is a hard, greedy man who values power and money above all else. Marlow's aunt She is the connection to the Company in which Marlow receives a position. Marlow has seen his paintings and writings.

She dresses in bright colors. He also confides to Marlow some of the Company's shady business practices. Character 6 The Chief Accountant The chief accountant, referred to only as the Accountant in the early part of the novel, is a very important figure.

heart of darkness analysis

Although he goes there under the guise of spreading civilization, he is does ivory trade. Marlow concludes from his conversation with his uncle that they are against Kurtz and his influence and are conspiring to overthrow him.

The Manager would like nothing more than to surpass Kurtz in the ivory trade and see him dead, so that he would no longer interfere with the competitive trade. They are the audience for the central story of Heart of Darkness, which Marlow narrates.

Kurtz is a man of many talents—we learn, among other things, that he is a gifted musician and a fine painter—the chief of which are his charisma and his ability to lead men. He was once a sailor, and he seems affected by Kurtz's tale due to his somewhat romantic nature.

The Narrator an unnamed man on board the Nellie who relates Marlow's story to the reader.

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Heart of Darkness Characters and Analysis