The attributes of a great mentor

what is the role of a mentor

They hold you accountable — Good mentors always circle back with you and make sure fulfill your role as a mentee.

Motivates others by setting a good example. They are willing to communicate failures as well as successes to the mentored employee. Use a Formal Mentor Process With a formal mentor process, the transmission of a body of knowledge and other cultural teachings are an expectation of the mentor relationship.

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Effective mentors communicate effectively Excellent communication skills — both verbally and non-verbally — are required from a mentor.

When making every employee successful as soon as possible became the new norm, formal organization needs from a mentor grew. You will also find that a small component of the mentor relationship is evaluative in nature.

Qualities of a good mentor in nursing

Willing to acknowledge, as a mentor, that an employee may not succeed in your organization. They continually read professional journals and may even write articles on subjects where they have developed some expertise. Also, ensure that there's no hidden agenda or ulterior motives involved in this relationship. A good mentor possesses the following qualities: Willingness to share skills, knowledge, and expertise. Dispense with formalities and really help facilitate an open, even lively dialogue--a give-and-take--and don't beat around the bush in offering your constructive feedback, good and bad. The new employees benefit from each of these characteristics that the employee providing mentorship brings to the table. A good mentor is committed to helping their mentees find success and gratification in their chosen profession. This has changed for the better. Take note that your mentee depends a lot on your knowledge and expertise. Helping her integrate seamlessly and quickly into the new workplace was well outside of their job description. In the sense that your organization is expecting employees who mentor to assess the new employee's fit within the culture of the organization , the role evaluates the new employee.

You may even learn a thing or two from the experience. Mentees want to follow someone who is well respected by colleagues and coworkers and whose contribution in the field is appreciated.

Qualities of a good mentor in education

Your goal is to help them release that hidden talent or strength. There are probably more attributes of a good mentor apart from those stated here. A good mentor will also provide the mentee with challenges that will foster professional development and a feeling of accomplishment in learning the field. The information you provide will be used by one of our associates from Franchise Growth Partners to contact you about our programs and services only. If you are lucky enough to find a mentor, hold on tight, and take the relationship seriously. That way your mentees will feel more confident working with you and will feel more encouraged to get better. The person in this mentor role is purely a coach and a teacher with no assessment responsibilities. Overall good mentoring requires empowering the mentee to develop their own strengths, beliefs, and personal attributes. Consider these seven key qualities that can help you become an effective mentor. Learn more Top 10 Qualities of a Good Mentor A good mentoring relationship provides new employees as well as interns with someone that will share their professional knowledge and expertise in the field. Excellent communication skills also are required. They enjoy taking workshops and attending professional conferences provided through their membership in professional associations. In the sense that your organization is expecting employees who mentor to assess the new employee's fit within the culture of the organization , the role evaluates the new employee. And now, it's your turn.

Mentoring often begins in an educational environment, with a fellow student who is further along in the same program a "peer advocate"or between an instructor and a student.

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16 Qualities of a Good Mentor