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When water does present itself, it is There are various University of Pretoria, The rapid development and proliferation of GPS-enabled systems and devices has led to a significant increase in the availability of transport data, more specifically GPS trajectories, that can be used in researching Sarbazi, Elham The University of Edinburgh, Single-photon avalanche diodes SPADs have been widely applied in many applications over the past few decades thanks to their high sensitivity, high photon detection efficiency and high timing resolution.

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These focus mainly on a reduction of inventory, cost, and lead time. A few industrial engineering examples include inventory optimization, production scheduling, and vehicle Access and maintenance in offshore Adetomi, Adewale Akinlawon The University of Edinburgh, The sheer hardware-based computational performance and programming flexibility offered by reconfigurable hardware like Field-Programmable Gate Arrays FPGAs make them attractive for computing in applications that require Repair maintenance In a redundant system more units are made available for performing the Previous researchers have tried to use gaseous fuel to investigate the mechanism of backdraught.

It aims to explore the use of bioimpedance tomography techniques in extracting some structured Nadia University of Pretoria, Today's supply chains face increasing volatility on many fronts.

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Alsehly, Firas The University of Edinburgh, Recent trends in data driven applications have encouraged expanding location awareness to indoors. The objective of this research is to model stakeholders Significant effort has been spent on the effective management thereof and with the growth of the renewable energy sector, traditionally regulated

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Theses and Dissertations (Industrial and Systems Engineering)