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The Repair Boss: To ensure that each worker keeps his machine in good order and maintains cleanliness around him and his machines.

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Work study includes. Establishment of harmonious relationship between the workers.

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The major problem between these two groups is the division of surplus. Supply Chain Management The Evolution of Management Thought and the Evolution of Management Theories Knowing the story behind the evolution of management thought and evolution of theories is essential.

Evolution of management thought pdf

Frank Gilbreth is regarded as the father of motion study. Focus on the need for better methods of industrial work through systematic study and research. A positive corporate culture takes care of a lot of informal exchange of information and behavioral norms. According to him, "efficiency means that the right thing is done in the right manner, by the right man, at the right place, in the right time". Development of Cost Accounting. Theory X assumes employees don't want to work and act out of self-interest. Managers have to set goals and allow employees to find creative ways to reach them. Prof Babbage found that manufacturers made little use of science and mathematics, and that they manufacturers relied upon opinions instead of investigations and accurate knowledge. Unsuitable for small scale firms: various measures like the establishment of a separate personnel department and the conducting of time and motion studies are too expensive for a small or modest size industrial unit.

The possibilities of eliminating or combining certain operations may be studied. Taylor suggested eight functional foremen under his scheme of functional foremanship.

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Seebohm Rowntree UK : Rowntree created a public opinion on the need of labour welfare scheme and improvement in industrial relations.

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The Evolution of Management Thought and the Evolution of Management Theories