Sms grades system in higher education

Geographically, there are 2, HEIs in the country.

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Generally, private HEIs are covered by the policies, standards and guidelines PSGs set by CHED in terms of program offerings, curriculum, administration and faculty academic qualifications, among others.

Students have 3 types of courses : Core course: Students need to choose a core subject to complete the credit requirement. Enrollment Enroll for academic courses and monitor the progress of students through the degree program with the flexibility to view course timetable and events in the calendar.

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Of course, there are many factors affecting the delay of releasing their grades. Share Now:. They will then attend classes and practicals and obtain credits. A CHED Supervised Institution CSI is non-chartered public post-secondary education institution established by law, administered, supervised and financially supported by government.

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Though you can automate and streamline the academic and administrative processes online, you should also set up notifications and reminders to notify parents by email or send SMS alerts. It besides shows where pupils excel most so they can be honed and encouraged to go on their good work. Geographically, there are 2, HEIs in the country. Those under non-sectarian are punctually incorporated. LUCs are financially supported by the local authorities concerned. Students can choose subjects according to their interests and credits required for that particular semester. Unfortunately, the most common problem encountered by these students is the delay in releasing their grades.
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Sms Grades System in Higher Education Essay Example