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How long does shared writing take? When approaching the teaching of different text types or genres Christie, ; Gibbons, ; Hammond, , the step of joint text construction is pivotal. Does this match what you thought shared writing was? Spark their imaginations Good writing requires stimulus. For example, a teacher might direct a question about punctuation to one student with some knowledge in that area, while focussing on a student with a more expansive vocabulary to offer a synonym for a word already over-used in the written text. Related Resources Young or inexperienced writers need to both observe knowledgeable writers at work and participate in writing events in authentic and well-supported ways. Take a few minutes to have students orally summarize what has been learned about writing during this session. Demonstrate in-the-moment revision during shared writing as necessary to construct a strong draft. Portsmouth, NH: Heinemann. What do you think? When do you use it?

Last Update: 30 August In this section:. As such, it becomes a true collaboration that maximises student involvement. This will assist them to make decisions about both the content of the written piece and its form.

shared writing activities

Do not deliberately make errors during shared writing. The instruction of reading comprehension. Gibbons, P. Contemporary Educational Psychology, 8, One session of shared writing usually takes me about ten minutes, fifteen tops.

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Model the immediate construction of a high-quality draft. An example of interactive writing: You can see that the teacher wrote most of the words, but students wrote the initial consonants, G, T, F, and T. Display the work Stick your shared writing up on the learning wall or hand out copies. The instruction of reading comprehension. Get them to draft key words, phrases or sentences; so that they will have plenty to contribute during the shared exercise and will have a bank to use later in their own writing. In this way you can gradually release responsibility to the learner, and give them a little boost to get over whatever hang-up is keeping them from getting going. One session of shared writing usually takes me about ten minutes, fifteen tops. Language education in the primary years. Shared writing provides kids with a mentor text that they had a hand in creating, so that their understanding of the meaning of text, as well as the craft and structure is very strong. Shared writing is important. For students who are just learning English, using the class story idea and then putting it into their own words is a nice scaffold—one that they will grow out of as they learn more and more vocabulary.

The teacher does the physical writing. Do it every day and try to enjoy it Doing a shared writing session every day is essential in developing confidence, improving attainment, and perhaps most importantly, promoting the idea that writing is an enjoyable and creative process.

During the writing, model processes needed by your students. When students in this classroom went to write their own information books, they knew just what to do to get started, because they had already written several as a class. A typical shared writing session In this video, the teacher uses the shared writing practice to co-construct a letter with her students While undertaking all the recording of ideas in shared writing, the teacher draws on student input to create a meaningful written text.

What do you think? References Christie, F.

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