Scientific writing awards for books

Entries exceeding the word or page limits will be disqualified. Sharma told The Hindu last year. You may enter online even if you are paying with a check. This long-awaited achievement finally happened in September Thanks to extraordinarily sensitive detectors, physicists at the Laser Interferometer Gravitational-wave Observatory LIGO were able to home in on one of these elusive waves—an achievement that in turn rippled out within the field of astronomy.

Investigative journalist Maryn McKenna uses the beefed-up, souped-up modern industrial chicken as a window into how antibiotics transformed modern agriculture—for good and ill. Channell is donating the prize money to Iridescent Learning. That number is a modern marvel made possible in large part by antibiotics.

The intent of the programme is to inculcate popular science writing skills and bring science closer to the society. The book was supported by the Alfred P.

rhone poulenc science book prize

He worked as a science and technology reporter at the BBC before accepting a Knight fellowship at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in That pioneering work inspired him to delve deeper into the minds of other animals, from raccoons to sea lions to the extinct thylacine.

She believes that empowered young people are critical to solving many of the problems that plague the country and the world. For most of history, this has been merely a fleeting thought that haunts dog owners in the hours before sleep, but to which there can be no satisfying response.

The judges had trouble putting Baron's book down, stating that it was more than an eclipse story. Sharma said.

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