Plagiarizing a college essay

Unlike "fetal alcohol syndrome," cyberliteracy is not widely used. Don't yank out individual sentences as though Saito were dictating your paper.

college essay to copy

It is also regarded as a serious offense. Most plagiarism in college essays isn't that blatant, however. Related Questions.

In universities, newsrooms, and other places where people write, plagiarism is a serious offense that can earn you a pink slip or an expulsion. The nine-year-old Web site, which added an admissions-essay service inhas screened 27, admissions essays and found 11 percent to contain at least one-quarter of un-original material, according to The Wall Street Journal.

Fitzsimmons said that the College has been using online resources since they became available over a decade ago. Share This Like My Writing?

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College Uses Web Plagiarism Checks