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Take a look for yourself. Moving past branding, Nandini hits all the key points on her service pages. We are immediately introduced with his welcoming smile when you land on his freelance website. Solo Professional Website Examples Up next, we have a roundup of some solo professional websites. Grant handles this well on his homepage, promoting his current offer for experienced professional speakers while also giving a link for people who are interested in learning how to get started speaking for the first time. Website Design Examples Next, we move to the design portion of this guide. But creating your own website can be overwhelming. He uses his sit to showcase this work as well as to promote his speaking work. Additionally, she ties her minimalism to laziness, which is obviously a bit tongue in cheek and might vibe with certain people, but I personally feel this where she should be hard selling why her approach is better and why hiring her and her minimalist approach is going to save money and increase revenue for her clients.

Only thing missing here is a nice shot of her for the home page. You can see this clearly on the homepage.

Professional personal website examples

Just like the other examples in this blog post, the site is clearly niched down. Tasha Meys Tasha Meys is an artist, photographer, social media consultant, and world traveler. Are there questions you'd like me to answer this month on the blog? I know public critiques can be uncomfortable, so I appreciate them doing this for the benefit of other freelancers. Have questions about getting your own website up and running? What was the big deal with that? Some of them are online freelancers , while others own brick and mortar businesses. Cagan Josh A. Is she a consultant who offers writing and occasionally speaks? Anna Ellenberger Anna Ellenberger is a designer and illustrator.

And even if you take a full-time job, you can still learn a lot about personal branding from the way these folks have set up their sites. And finally, she allows people to engage directly with her blog content and video content.

On most of the site this issue doesn't exist, but in a few areas I noticed a lack of spacing between paragraphs, causing copy to run together in a way that's distracting to read. You just don't want it overshadowing your main CTA for any page. I can honestly say that none of those horror stories ever came true.

They think they need to be all things to all people. First and most importantly, she leads with service CTAs.

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None are too long. Kayla also does a fantastic job of breaking down every angle of the benefits of working with her and includes the data to back up her claims. Clean, simple, and gets the job done with some clips and a really inviting photo that makes her seem happy, professional, and accessible.

Look no further.

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Online Portfolio Examples: 10 Writer Websites We Love