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In this essay I am going to carefully consider the techniques, language and imagery that Browning uses in these two poems. The artist's name is Fra Pandolf, the Fra meaning a brother which links the artist to innocent monkhood and distances the duchess from any thought of a sexual liaison with him.

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Or at least, that was his perception. The duke seems to be talking to someone and tells…. We as readers are instantly able to estimate roughly the time and era these poems are written in and certainly the era they are set in. Imagine how he speaks tone of voice. It also forces the reader to question his or her own response to the subject portrayed and the method of its portrayal. They've more people to meet so down the stairs they'll have to go. Copy this Lesson Plan's title and click above to complete the form on the next screen. The duchess smiled at him yes, but it was the same smile she gave everyone. The "Preparing to Teach this Lesson" section, above, contains a basic introduction, as well as links to a biography of Robert Browning , via Academy of American Poets , which provides a summary of his life and accomplishments. She finds joy in the misfortune of others. In this essay I am going to carefully consider the techniques, language and imagery that Browning uses in these two poems. Introducing Robert Browning Teachers may begin by introducing Robert Browning, his life, and the characteristics of the dramatic monologue. Character Portraits Separate students into groups of three and ask them to read through the poem together. The title and the poem's first line also indicate his position as duke, as he refers to the woman in the painting as "my last Duchess. But hold on a minute, strangers only appear to want to ask the duke but they dare not if they durst.

Remember he's talking to the man who will report to his own boss about the suitability of the duke for hand in marriage of a second aristocratic female. The duke seems to be talking to someone and tells….

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But the duke first mentions that this listener's boss, The Count, is known for his wealth so he expects to get a decent dowry Some inner-compulsion, probably an overwhelming sense of guilt, has compelled him to return to the scene and situation of his crime and to confess. What is the metre meter of My Last Duchess? The use of dramatic monologue allows the poet to subtly reveal the personality of the persona to the reader. Review one or more of the following biographies of Robert Browning: Robert Browning Biography at The Academy of American Poets website The Victorian Web contains a wealth of information about Browning, including biographies and his historical contexts. He mainly wrote dramatic monologues, this means you must have a speaker and a listener. Browning no doubt had this in mind when he wrote the poem, an attempt to explore the dominant role of the male in society, the idea of ownership and the position of women in marriage. For many years, Robert Browning's popularity was shadowed by that of his wife, Elizabeth Barrett, with whom he had corresponded before they met in person in What sorts of things delighted you?

How do you view life, and what do you think of the people around you, including your husband, the Duke? She does not now how to deal with such problems. The reader has to decide whether or not this man has done away with the duchess, still behind the curtain with that passionate glance, perhaps showing her true nature?

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One thing is certain, this dramatic monologue is a masterpiece of the genre. Yet her mind can only think about getting back with her husband again. The Academy of American Poets provides background on ekphrasis. Finally, ask students to contrast these readings with the monotone reading provided at the beginning of class. His mother was a pianist. While in Italy, Robert wrote many of his most well-known poems, though at the time they were not critically acclaimed. Thus the temporal setting allows Browning to again explore sex, violence, and aesthetics as all entangled, complicating and confusing each other: the lushness of the language belies the fact that the Duchess was punished for her natural sexuality. Browning developed his literary acumen in part through scouring the several thousand tomes in his father's library; his education, mostly taken at home, provided him with an eclectic history from which many of his poems' subjects are drawn. Over the years, since its first publication in in Dramatic Lyrics, many have questioned the character of the fictional speaker, loosely based on a historical figure, the duke of Ferrara. It must be noted also that many lines are not pure iambic pentameter. Through Fra Comparison of: 'My Last Duchess' and 'Tombs of Westminster Abbey' words - 4 pages 'My Last Duchess', the poet takes on a persona and a monologue and yet, the poem falls under many possible groups for illustration as family, death and sadness for his wife.

This symbolises complete power and possesviness over her. He addresses the emissary as Sir and goes on to suggest that the special spot of joy, a red blush perhaps, on the sitter's cheek could have been caused by the artist, Fra Pandolf.

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Browning's "My Last Duchess" and Dramatic Monologue