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This inquiry will span a number of genres including: 1.

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Compare the final version you come up with that of the whole class, offering a small inceptive if students beat you 4 out of 5 paragraphs. Provides feedback in workshops, and takes feedback provided in revisions for the projects.

It will help steer them from making short comments or comments limited to grammar, punctuation, etc.

Personal statement of your career goals and objectives

Additionally, not showing up for a scheduled conference counts as an absence. I tried to make an opener that would suck-in the reader and make them want to read more another thing I emphasize in my classes. We will often use the contents of the journal as the basis for classroom activities and discussion, so be willing to share selected contents with others. Learning from and with each other will be a large part of the classroom experience as we work through the concepts, keywords, and labor of the class. Mini-lesson offering tips and strategies to avoid wordiness and have clear, direct prose 2. This auction is almost over and you're currently the high bidder. Develops or co-develops a resource for the class, which engages with one of the key concepts and provides some utility. Students should have their drafts uploaded to a central space, such as Blackboard, so that they can access them in class from the classroom computers. The hypertext essay of at least words.

Locate and evaluate for credibility, sufficiency, accuracy, timeliness, and bias primary and secondary research materials, including journal articles and essays, books, scholarly and professionally established and maintained databases or archives, and informal electronic networks and internet sources.

Students will highlight all the material that comes from outside sources, whether paraphrased or directly quoted.

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Students must be very specific 3. As such, I do not want you avoiding taking risks in your writing due to grades.

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