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visual learning style essay

Every day a person learns new things until the end of their life. Along with learning styles is multiple intelligence.

Learning styles theory

Furthermore, I will be discussing my dominant learning style, providing the advantages and disadvantages of my learning style on my learning and development, considering the various ways I can improve my learning. Did you know everyone may have a style of learning? For example, when the baby born, they learn about suck, eat, crawl and walk, and then they develop into children and their bodies ready to learn more than one form of thinking it includes personality, senses, feelings and values. Along with that, trend in education has been developing to cater for the best of the students. Just as people are different, their styles of learning are different in a way in which affects the way they learn and determines whether they can succeed. Learning styles: Learning styles refer to the different ways that people process and retain information and they serve as an indicator of the learning method that each student prefers. Some students prefer to study at night before they go to bed. If you have ever worked as a teacher or even been a student in classroom, you likely know not everyone learns in exactly the same manner. It's harder for me to learn by listening only because my mind often wanders and I don't pay attention. Serrano Dennis L. In other words, it is a way in which every person gathers, processes and analyzes information.

I would have to say upon taking these short tests and seeing the results I agree with the outcome of the two. Additionally, it is adopted into everyday living whether individuals are aware or unaware that learning is even taking place Learning style is the way person absorb and understand the material Finally, I will write about my own preferred learning styles and the strengths and weaknesses of the different learning styles.

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Does in-telligence decide what we do with our lives, or is one intelligence more important than any other. Likewise, these students use their make-up to access new material in unique ways.

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My Learning Style Essay