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Those things are all linked — an interlocking system. ST: But you have been working this whole time- though not perhaps always in traditional academic spaces, right?

She argues that, although we know that movies are not real life, "no matter how sophisticated our strategies of critique and intervention, [we] are usually seduced, at least for a time, by the images we see on the screen.

I think one of the things that is going on in our society is the normalization of mental illness, and the normalization of white supremacy, and the evocation and the spreading of this is part of that mental illness.

Her theory encouraged the long-standing idea of sisterhood but advocated for women to acknowledge their differences while still accepting each other. We always go high and we go low, and we always bring the joyful humor in. It moves us forward. She put the name in lowercase letters "to distinguish [herself from] her great-grandmother.

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If they are able to do this, then there will be more success and less inequality. The spirituality piece came up for me in my love of Beat poetry. It moves us forward. That sort of metaphor of harmony and friction that can be soul-healing for black people is so real to me. Hooks also calls for a restructuring of the cultural framework of power, one that does not find oppression of others necessary. I often say that the issue for young black males is the street. As for films, I watched Don Jon to help me think about transforming patriarchal masculinity; I also found the documentary 20 Feet from Stardom compelling. And what role do you think black women play in helping to help nurture that soul healing? To have that kind of bonding is precious. This shifts the original focus of feminism away from victimization, towards harboring understanding, appreciation, and tolerance for all genders and sexes so that all are in control of their own destinies, uncontrolled by patriarchal, capitalist tyrants. Buddhism continues to inspire me because there is such an emphasis on practice. This continues to be one of the most remarkable, awesome aspects of the contemporary feminist movement. Abraham suggests that, if her rationalization for not providing footnotes and bibliographic information in her writing is that it will help her reach a broader presumably a less academic audience, hooks either assumes the average person has "no real interest or knowledge about who really wrote what ideas and where we can look for more thoughts on similar subjects" or "she mean[s] that we are lazy readers who have not the sophistication to grapple with the complications of an endnote.

It was to produce theory that people could use. She has also been working to develop community-based projects in the town where she lives- Berea, Kentucky. I often think of that phrase, only connect.

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Bell hooks to speak as part of MLK symposium