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It is the legitimate power which one person or a group holds and exercises over another. Eventually, in fact during the Second World War, he managed to emerge as a charismatic leader, and not only in the Soviet Union but even in the West. And then you have experts, who can tell, go around and then they find this child. It was an unpredictable environment. Authority, by contrast, depends on the acceptance by subordinates of the right of those above them to give them orders or directives. You know? And again if I can come back again to the last elections, that was, you know, clearly the case, the way how candidate Obama was capable to win the elections. What About the Followers? Eine Biographie. This was all new.

I will try to make a case that in fact the concept of charisma is not quite what Adolph Hitler was. New religious movements[ edit ] Eileen Barker discusses the tendency for new religious movements to have founders or leaders who wield considerable charismatic authority and are believed to have special powers or knowledge.

But the system itself was not charismatic.

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When you are in a desperate need, then you are looking for a charismatic leader which can solve this problem what you think is almost unresolvable.

And indeed, even in charismatic political campaign, you have this sense that we belong together in the common cause. Well what is very important—right? Had this very special unique charismatic appeal.

Charismatic authority is often the most lasting of regimes because the leader is seen as infallible and any action against him will be seen as a crime against the state.

There is a certain set of archbishops; when one pope dies, they gather together in Rome, and they cannot leave, you know, the room until they agree, they achieve a consensus, who is the other person who will have this special relationship to God. Universal suffrage in the Western world became widespread since the s, and it really became the dominant form—right?

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The cardinals taking part in the papal conclave are viewed to be charismatically qualified by their Roman Catholic congregations and thus their choice is imbued with charismatic authority. So the main major themes of the presentation today. And Mohammed had this special appeal to God. These were all societies in deep trouble, after humiliations, after wars, in big need for some major structural change, and then they were looking for a savior—right? Chapter 5. And I think this is an interesting idea in Weber, though one of the weaker points I think of Weber theory. Mussolini and Hitler: According to Weber, charismatic leaders gain authority not because they are necessarily kind, but because they are seen as superhuman. This is the kind of—trying to rescue—right? And then you have experts, who can tell, go around and then they find this child. There was rule of law in the United States before the late eighteenth and nineteenth century, though there was no liberal democracy as we understand that. In recent history other charismatic leaders, which are probably not as attractive in historical perspective as Obama, did become charismatic leaders the same way.

He did however not fully follow Weber's framework of charismatic authority. Charismatic is not doing things as they used to be. We can do it.

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