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This has contributed the company to be recognised globally and able to be competing with the rest global automobile company TATA Motors Limited, Cheaper goods: The challenger can offer an average- or low-quality product at a much lower price. Cable TV and satellite operators now compete for buyers.

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Market Information 8. Today, it has about Moreover by using the backward integration strategy will control the production of the quality of the raw material and the price which fluctuate due to demand. Third, the market leader must refuse to cut its price in spite of the competitors attack. BSNL serves its customers with its wide bouquet of telecom services. New entrants should have a number of experienced and dedicated employees, also to comply with the requirements for approval. In information goods industry, it is generally perceived that early movers get advantage over late entrants and such advantages are difficult to overcome once these accrue to the first movers. Third option can be the best option wanting to be a winner. Packaging 6. Reliance Communication Page 39 Opportunity: In the opportunity side company has the competitive advantages over its scheme like night calling and message schemes providing by the RCOM. Weakness: In reliance communication the product and the distribution of the product is not that much competitive then other mobile companies. The key idea in nichemanship is specialization. The last level for corporate level strategy will be tactical strategy which is known to be organic and inorganic strategy David, Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd.

Music record firms, Apple Computer, and Rolex have been plagued with the counterfeiter problem, especially in the Far East. For example, Reliance Infocom, given its big bang approach, plans to cover all the 18 telecom circles in India.

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These include selective price cuts, intense promotional blitzes, and occasional legal actions. Competitors should not be regarded as foes because of society, everyone has a right to do business.

The simple yet powerful advertisement campaigns won it many admirers. Networks and billing systems cannot really be used for much else, and their rapid uselessness makes liquidation pretty difficult.

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The headquarter should constantly monitor the political situation in country as the law may change especially when a new party takes over. All these experiences were available only by end and when, in late nineties, Reliance Infocom postponed its decision to actually commit capital in wire line and broadband services till lateit really aimed in hedging its risk in the business, which its counterpart in Europe could not fully comprehend in early 90s when they went for major investments A third reason as to why timing can be crucial is its impact on cost of inputs.

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For example - should it have separate legal entities for servicing wire line, wireless and data services? Classes of competitors: After the company has conducted its customer value analysis, it can focus its attack on one of the following classes of competitors: 1. While Reliance Infocom could hedge their technological risk this way, companies like Hutchison got exposed to competition from basic service providers with WLL limited mobility technology particularly in low-priced, standard value proposition segment. In this case there is hope if the firm does not gain it will not lose also. Vertical integration is break down to two smaller segment which is forward and backward integration. The key idea in nichemanship is specialization. The leader doesnt mind the imitator as long as the imitator doesnt attack the leader aggressively. These firms have aging products, are charging excessive prices, or are not satisfying customers in other ways.
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Strategic Management Analysis on Tata Motors