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Pricing Google Sites is free to use, up to a point.

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So, things like project wikis, project trackers, training documentation, and customer portals are what Classic Sites does best. Select the type of item you want to insert, and you'll see a Docs-style popover where you can search for the item you want and then Select it to insert it in a new section in your page.

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Just double-click any blank space on your page, and Google Sites' magical circle menu will open again. If you expand the size of the video player, the blurriness of the original and, yes, it was blurry only gets worse.

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New Google Sites Sample Check out what you can do! Make a Multi-Column Layout Want to add multiple columns to your layout, perhaps to have a group of pictures together, or to add several of your product's top features in one spot? For example, say you add a YouTube video to the page. Any help in directing me to a free or low cost solution would be great. One thing to note about New Sites is that it only works if you have the latest Chrome or Firefox browsers. This enables users to create a new draft of their site on new Sites with all of their content being transferred across. Simply go to the Google Sites website and start building a site. Users can scroll through the presentation or simply press "play," all without leaving the site. Here is what you need to know about Classic Google Sites: Domain and Hosting Hosting of your website with Google is no different than the hosting of your files on Google Drive. For instance: Add text boxes Customize text using header formats, stylization, fonts, etc. Everything needs to be built from scratch with the exception of the aforementioned home page header image.

You can also choose a larger banner or just a page title. It will look like this: sites. For example, say you add a YouTube video to the page.

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Google Sites: professionelle Websites erstellen und hosten