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A Constitution constitutes of a list of fundamental laws upon which a nation is to be governed. Ambedkar and the members of the drafting committee helped our nation to get our very own constitution which declares India as a Sovereign, Socialist, Secular, and Democratic Republic nation.

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Republic day is a national holiday all over India like other two national events Independence Day and Gandhi Jayanti. From that onwards, every year, we celebrate 26 January as our Republic Day. Why do we Celebrate Republic Day A constitution of a country is the most important document for its people and its development and the day it comes in force is an important day in the history of a nation.

On 4th NovemberDr. The President presents awards of bravery to the members of the armed forces for their extraordinary mettle in the field and furthermore the civilians, who have famed themselves by their distinctive demonstrations of courage in various circumstances.

The ceremony starts with the commemoration of the martyrs who shed their blood for the country as the Prime Minister offers a wreath at Amar Jawan Jyothi.

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The meeting of the assembly was held in sessions which were open to the public and spread over a period of two years, 11 months and 18 days, it met for days in all. A special parade is held on this day. The day also commemorates the martyrs of the freedom struggle by paying them warm tributes and also awarding the soldiers of Indian forces for their great act of valour and heroic courage in the battlefield. When the flag is unfurled, everybody stands in attention. This year when we talk about our Republic Day let it be from a place of deep personal commitment to the national building process. Air force will show their marvelous adventure by flying aero planes and jet planes in different formations leaving behind the mark of national flag in tri-color. Finally, on 24th January , two handwritten copies of the document, one Hindi and the other in English were unanimously passed and signed by the three hundred and eight members of the committee. One of the one of a kind sights of the procession is the camel-mounted Border Security Force unexpected, which is the main camel-mounted military power on the planet. Tableaus from all the states are also displayed after the parade showing the rich tradition of India.

India declared as a sovereign, secular, socialist, democratic republic on 26th Januarythree years after independence. There are different participants in this parade including the 12 contingents of the three military powers of India.

What is the Significance of Republic Day of India? The National Flag is unfurled by the President after which the National Anthem is played along with a gun salute.

It is performed so to pay honor and remember the martyred soldiers at the India Gate.

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