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These crops have had pieces of DNA inserted into them to create a superior race. How many different animals eat grass? They play a crucial role in the ecosystem, by decomposing the dead organic matter. Biomass represents stored energy.

Of course, in the real world, there are no simple food chains like this.

food web examples

Autotrophs produce more biomass energyeither chemically without the sun's energy or by capturing the sun's energy in photosynthesisthan they use during metabolic respiration.

These detritivores are the key group of small animals, comprising only a few species but very large number of individuals.

Heterotrophs consume rather than produce biomass energy as they metabolize, grow, and add to levels of secondary production.

food chain and food web in ecosystem

The following diagram shows the energy flow between various organisms through a food web. Calorie is a unit of measure used for energy.

food web and food chain
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