Disadvantages of cellphones at school

They often send text messages to each other and this can also distract them from their education, as well as distract the person they are texting, which is likely to be another student. It is most rampant among campus and college youths although older adults are getting into the mix. On top of that, the internet exposes students to world of new, creative ideas that are outside a classroom environment like; students can learn new languages, new-games and even teach themselves about different topics as long as they have access to the internet.

Online interactions are just as important as in-person interactions as part of the learning experience. Buying a mobile phone for your children is easy, but think twice before you buy them. For the modern student, an online friend can be a best friend, just like a pen pal could be a best friend from previous generations.

Disadvantages of mobile phones for students essay

During a test it is more easier to catch a student who is text messages, but during regular class it can be easy to miss. If used wisely, a mobile phone can be one of the best gadgets you will ever hold. In fact, smartphones will also enable students to make research on different topics online as long as they have an internet-connection and this has actually helped to improve on the learning-process today. Sometimes unscrupulous students will take pictures of other students, in the locker room, for instance, and use those pictures to instigate harassment or bullying. In fact, there are a lot of cool and exciting educational mobile-apps that will help to keep students motivated while learning at school hence leading to an improvement in the performance of students who study in schools that allow the use of mobile-phones in classrooms. Students can share notes and reminders faster and easier with mobile devices. This is great for science class, for example, where you may be exposed to certain creatures, plants and other things that you probably will not find anywhere else. While in the classroom the texts can be sent very discreetly. So, schools should consider putting in place strict rules on how to handle cell-phone thieves in schools and also students should consider taking extra-care for their cell-phones when at school. If a student is playing games all the time then it is better to take the phone away from them. List of the Cons of Cellphones in School 1. With a cellphone, it is easier for students to feel connected to the world.

This is one of the major flaws with the rise of technology. You want to have that latest brand, that new and nice looking phone accessory; all result in debits to your pocket.

Disadvantages of mobile phones for students wikipedia

Cell-phones are expensive: cell-phones like smartphones are very expensive to buy and this implies that some students may fail to acquire their own cell-phones to use while at school. Easy access to inappropriate content by students: with use of cell-phones in schools, students most especially teenagers are more likely to gain access to inappropriate content like pornography and this can actually create a great distraction if seen by other students in the same classroom. Advantages of Mobile Phones The advantages of mobile phones make them fundamental accessories if not necessities. If it were not for that, most people would not have an issue, but since students are able to do this, it has become a problem. Cellphones create relationship disconnects. But now students can right away make a call to a friend or a teacher and clear their doubts as soon as possible. You can also share this post with your friends and family by clicking one of the social share buttons below. In fact, with proper focus and attention, students will be able to learn a lot of new things faster and conveniently than never before. So they play till 2 or 3 in the early morning unless parents come and shout at them to sleep.

This is why we can see lots of students with cigarettes and drugs. It is all up to the student who uses the mobile phone.

advantages of cellphones in school essay

Educational apps can bring lesson plans alive, creating interactive learning experiences that help students retain more information. If a student needs help with work in class and does not have access to a computer, a smartphone can be used in an instant.

use of mobile phones in school advantages and disadvantages

Schools that allow students to have cell phones in school have seen a tremendous increase in theft complaints. One is when there is an important lecture going on and if your mobile phone rings during that time, it will disturb the whole class.

Note: All in all, cell-phones play a great role in schools today whereby they have helped to improve on the performance students and have even led to the creation of more innovative and creative people.

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6 Advantages And 5 Disadvantages Of Mobile Phones