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Have you ever come out of a steamy hot shower and tried to look at your reflection in the mirror when it's completely steamed and fogged up? I love the beauty of how I feel on the beach, with my hair stuck to my face by the salty ocean water and the way my skin feels being touched by the sand and sun. It's been the moments I felt beauty because of happiness, which was not derived from my appearance -- at all. We are mothers, daughters, and grandmothers. This is not a valid email, please try again. Beauty is displayed in the unfolding of each season. And there will never be another. As a teenager I went to a boarding school, and for a period of time, remember being one of the only two black people in the entire school. Check your inbox for the latest from Odyssey. We are seeing ourselves but the picture isn't exactly clear and we have limited visibility! These are the times when I feel most beautiful because I'm alive, not because of what an exterior image has brainwashed me to believe. It comes from within and shows in those who are kind to others and to themselves. It's the moments we feel free and real.

Especially my beautiful little boys! I love photos that capture my beauty during unrehearsed moments.

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Sure, a fancy new outfit can boost ones self esteem, but the feeling of real beauty comes from self confidence within. Newsletters may offer personalized content or advertisements. Take a look, a real hard look and embrace and accept you as you - beauty. Sharing special time with those I love and enjoy.

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I think of the times I've been most happy and whether or not those align with common beauty standards. It's the moments that build the women we become and strive to be. Being in their presence makes my heart sing! There is only one you, made up of your genes and life experiences. And there will never be another. Sharing special time with those I love and enjoy. Our bodies are simply a shell that allows us to radiate these experiences and accomplishments through. I feel beautiful when I'm with my family because I have such pride in them and they in me. It is when I am feel comfortable to be myself when I feel the most beautiful. It's those sensations that ignite the real flame of confidence and beauty in the souls of those constantly bombarded with messages telling them to believe otherwise. Subscribe to our Thank you for signing up! You should receive an email to confirm your subscription shortly.

We can choose whether to see one another as beautiful, and only you can determine what the concept of beauty means to you. I say beauty comes from within - you are beauty and beauty is you.

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It is when I am feel comfortable to be myself when I feel the most beautiful. The definition given by the Merriam Webster found it especially important to mention that beauty coincides with a particular gender, female.

Physical beauty can be found in people's faces, in styles and fashion, in scenery and landscapes, but feeling beautiful comes from within oneself.

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I found this exceptional because beauty effects women of all ages.

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