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A study on corporate social responsibility in banking sector in bangladesh

AB Bank also focusing on enhancing the customer service windows through the existing 70 branches network. Help poor students in rural areas by establishing and operating Computer Learning Centers CLC in different schools in providing a technological platform for students. Confidence in senior management is higher in other areas, too, when employees give their company high marks for being socially responsible. Banks breached the ceilings last year: they spent Tk crore on the education sector and Tk crore on disaster management, which are 42 percent and This article presents partial findings of an extensive research on CSR practices in Bangladesh. Agricultural production and processing, crop diversification, employment generation, education and training will be considered as CSR areas under economic sector, while global warming, ecological balance, pure water management, carbon emission, sea water level, forestry, city beautification and waste management will be environmental activities. Four major areas of social performance: 4. In the current context, a desired move from the traditionally popular fields of education or health. Non-governmental organizations are also taking an increasing role, leveraging the power of the media and the Internet to increase their scrutiny and collective activism around corporate behavior. Shareholders and investors themselves, through socially responsible investing are exerting pressure on corporations to behave responsibly. Understanding what causes are important to employees is usually the first priority because of the many interrelated business benefits that can be derived from increased employee engagement i. Corporate clients of AB Bank remain another major source of foreign currency. The Audit Committee ensures the implementation of policies, manuals, instructions and audit compliance of the bank. So far, the bank has extended loans in these sectors amounting to Tk.

The bank offer a broad spectrum of trade finance products namely issuance of documentary credit, advising, confirmations, forward covers, pre-shipment and post-shipment finance, negotiation and purchase of export bills, discounting of bills, collections etc.

Barton focuses on three mechanisms of international technology transfer: the flow of human resources; the flow of public-sector technology support; and the flow of private technology from MNCs to developing countries.

csr in banking sector in bangladesh

Critics of CSR also point out that organization pay taxes to government to ensure that society and the environment are not adversely affected by business activities. As global population increases, so does the pressure on limited natural resources required to meet rising consumer demand Grace and Cohen However, none of the banks reported to have adopted action programs and performance targets through consultative processes involving the internal and external stakeholders concerned as suggested in the guideline of June 1, Sponsored Inter School Soccer Tournament.

CD expresses values of fairness, equality, accountability, opportunity, choice, participation, mutuality, reciprocity and continuous learning.

Through education and dialogue, the development of community in holding businesses responsible for their actions is growing Roux Regarding reducing the environmental impact as a result of their operation and business activity, 1 DFI and 3 PCBs reported to have taken positive actions towards it.

Those of us who spend our time marshalling the case for would do well to spend a little time hearing the case against, and considering what should be the response. Institutionalizing CSR at corporate level: The BB guidance circular suggested embracing of CSR with decisions taken at the highest corporate level board of directors of the bankand to choose action programs and performance targets a consultative processes involving the internal and external stakeholders concerned.

Csr activity in banking sector in bangladesh

Some Banks have always been at the service of the people afflicted by the natural calamities. Chart 5: Disbursement of Agricultural Credit. By doing so, corporations and community would stay in peace and harmony. Based on the report of Towers Perrin CSR is the third most important driver of employee engagement overall. Faisal M. Loss of systems or services critical e-commerce failure. He was speaking as the chief guest at the inauguration of a seminar on 'The Business Case for Corporate Social Responsibility in Bangladesh' held in Dhaka yesterday. This article presents partial findings of an extensive research on CSR practices in Bangladesh. The second issue is the financial burden that regulation can place on a nation's economy. They earn interest and rebates on overseas business through these accounts. The above ad hoc disclosures can, at best, be taken as a list of mere intentions without evidence of any appropriate action. The companies are saying that they have taken environmental issues seriously but their sincerity may be questioned in the absence of the development of an appropriate long-term corporate environmental policy and quantitative indicators to measure performance against the policy. Health In the year , Bank Asia started a program in collaboration with Bangladesh Eye Hospital BEH to help the underprivileged children by performing ophthalmologic operation of all born blind children of Bangladesh. This becomes a social capital that is essential in community development. Branches: 71 No.
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