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If you are good at offering a nice haircut, and you know you have time to spare in the evenings and the weekends, then you should consider opening a mini barbing salon on campus.

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Notice that trends are important, as the business plan notes their market is a growing area and they are aiming to fill a niche for low to middle-income families, which comprise the majority of residents in their service area. As a college student, you can successfully organize mini exhibitions where you will invite people to see your art works and also to make purchase.

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If you are a good editor and you have eyes for details, then you should consider visiting freelancer. If you have a car and you love driving around town, you can turn this hobby of yours into a money making venture. If you want to make money from your book club, then you should consider starting a sales book club; with a sales book club, you will be able to sell books at a discount price to your members and of course your members will be the first set of people to get newly released books from your stable. Vehicle license and other relevant vehicle documents usually expires annually, hence there is room for renewal at least once in a year; it is a crime to drive a vehicle whose documents has expired. EBooks electronic books are books in soft copies and they can be downloaded online from any part of the world. Customer Lifetime Value Customer Lifetime Value is an estimate of exactly how much each customer you acquire will be worth total. Reasonably priced cupcakes with creative designs can likewise capture the attention of pastry lovers or food gift buyers browsing the web. Online Business ideas for College Students to Start Establish Online Directories: You can also create online directories and charge companies for listing their businesses. Has anybody purchased a share of the business in exchange for funding? Fumigation Services A typical agro allied related services business that a college student should consider starting during holiday is to offer fumigation services. Start a Niche Blog Starting a Niche Blog can be a very rewarding and low cost business to start while in college. Did you know there are lots of people in your community looking to learn how to use these programs?

Find a contract screen printer that will drop ship and setup an account with them. Sales of Cakes Making and selling cakes is yet another easy to start food retailing business that a college student can successfully start on campus.

Market your services through word-of-mouth, fliers and social media pages.

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Do prices fluctuate? In other to stay competitive in this industry, you must be involved in retailing music and movies in all formats; that is in softcopies downloads and hardcopies CDs and DVDs et al.

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Summary: If you are good with computers, fixing them is a great entrepreneur idea for college students. Tips for starting an editing business: Become familiar with the quirks of the professor who will be grading the paper.

This may be converting datasets in excel, transcribing audio, or simple data entry. Space and tools: You will want access to a garage to clean the vehicles.

College student business plan

Any skillsets that are missing? There are thousands of parents across the country willing to spend hundreds of dollars for someone to give their child focused, one-on-one training. PEST Analysis PEST analysis discusses four critical outside factors and how they will impact your business: Political: what impact could the government have on your business. Avoid using expensive materials such as real gold and silver or precious stones. Start by setting up a website where people can place orders. Not many people have the time to visit a gymnasium and would gladly pay for a personal fitness instructor to come into their homes and train them instead. Parrot Breeding Business Breeding and selling of parrots is a business that a college student can successfully start and manage during holidays. But… College is hard. Fontinelle, A. There are several internet based businesses and offline businesses that a college student can successfully start with little or no start — up capital within campus, off campus and during holidays. Financials Until you fill out your financial section, your business plan is all guesswork. YouTube and other video publishing sites online and some of the internet platforms you can leverage on to sell your videos. Usually I'd operate more of a mobile detailing service, where I'd go to my customer for the detailing.

Similar to the idea above, you could setup a website where other students from different universities around the state or country could send in their research paper requests, along with deposits for the work.

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50 Business Ideas for College Students