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According to the survey, our target market is expected to grow at a rate of approximately 3. Additionally, we assumed the useful life of the service equipment and office equipment to be ten years and that of the building and grounds to be fifteen years. The aforementioned financing package merely outlines one possible financing option. Our plan is to ensure that each employee receives the training necessary to be proficient in their assigned tasks. It is not uncommon for a car wash to generate enough sales volume from November through February to underwrite its expenses and debt load throughout the remainder of the year. If you are opening an independent location or mobile business then you will need to source the necessary equipment. It is virtually impossible to ascertain the industry's sales in the Hampton County and Monroe County areas, as there is no regional association which binds the individual businesses together and maintains such figures. New car owners: Owners of newer cars are most likely to use a hand car washing service. Research in the industry reveals specific types of car wash facilities appeal to different social groups.

This also comes with pros and cons and these are listed below. Additionally, as a means to assess adherence to our primary goal of providing exceptional service, we will provide each customer with a postage paid comment card.

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Here are a few tips of choosing a successful location: Being near a shopping area is always preferable Heavily populated residential areas with high traffic volumes are better for business The site must be easily accessible from the road It must be easy for customers to get back onto the road once their car is clean Highly visible A decent size car wash has more than one washing and drying bay, there needs to be enough space for these as well as a waiting area Enough space for cars to queue It is also in your interest to pick a location that will allow for expansions as your business grows.

It is also important to note that residential car washing, on the average, uses gallons of water per wash. We did, however, use these figures as a gauge to measure the validity of the calculations presented in our pro-forma financial statements.

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These owners will bring their cars in for regular washes and occasional details. Both owners possess vast knowledge, gained from operational, budgetary, and personnel experience, from which to direct the business and provide for outstanding customer service.

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In conjunction with the CPA, management will prepare the monthly, quarterly, and yearly financial statements.

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