Business writing principles 7 cs ppt

Wordy: Such refreshing comments are few and far between. Oral presentations are the biggest problem in this respect: how many conferences or seminars have you attended where no speaker talked too fast or extended their talk over the allocated length because they wanted to squeeze too much information in too little time?

in business communication courtesy and clarity are as important as conciseness and completeness

It is written objectively, not subjectively. You can now take care of your banking needs at our new walk-up window.

courtesy in communication

Make a quick guess: What kind of writing is associated with each level? A business letter should be brief but the writer must also bear in mind the rules or etiquette observed in writing it. You guys should all be concerned about the issue. Conciseness is interconnected with the principles of concreteness and consideration.

Another message with negative tone. Thus, there is a need for brevity in business letters.

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The 7 C’s of a Good Business Letter