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Zoning out will just lead to more work after the lecture. Develop friendships with your classmates and with your professor. It includes your deadlines and mark breakdown.

Here are a couple of methods on how to use technology for note-taking effectively. By the end, you should have a main topic with many subheadings and additional notes beneath them.

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Richard Nordquist is a freelance writer and former professor of English and Rhetoric who wrote college-level Grammar and Composition textbooks. Keep a few different coloured highlighters in your bag to highlight key information. This way you are better able to see the way your notes connect. Using words such as "about" rather than "concerning," "expect" rather than "anticipate," and "part" instead of "component" will make your writing less stilted. Use this strategy when responding to an inquiry letter. Tips and Tricks for Writing Lecture Notes: 1 Take the first class to just listen to what the professor says. Again, this is a case of knowing your audience. Inside address addressing the reader. Stick to a nice, clean type style such as Helvetica or Times New Roman and limit the number of fonts you use in correspondence. It includes your deadlines and mark breakdown. Knapp, author of " A Project Manager's Guide to Passing the Project Management Exam ," the best business writing can be "understood clearly when read quickly. Although the professor may have a PowerPoint with these prompts, it is always a good idea to listen for any additional points they add to those topics.

Your goal is something that legible and easy to read. How to take effective lecture notes Monday, May 28, by Magdalena Bentia While looking out at a first-year university lecture, you may encounter dimly lit faces of hundreds of students typing madly on their laptops, eager to preserve every word uttered by their professor.

According to Brant W. Well it improves our learning by: Ensuring that we are alert and listening to the professor Making sure we understand the main ideas being taught Creating a guideline that we can refer to later on while studying Using pen and paper 1.

A few, powerful, well-placed graphics will accomplish more to get your point across than something that looks like a bad attempt at scrapbooking. Specifics can be attached separately.

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Again, using the example above, choosing the word "decided" rather than "made the decision" makes reading easier for the audience.

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