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Substantiates thesis with appropriate historical evidence. Change relatively rarely proceeds smoothly; there are interruptions, even back eddies.

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Practice will help, along with appropriate knowledge, but overrigid answer formulas could mislead. Substantiates thesis with appropriate historical evidence. Addresses all parts of the question, though not necessarily evenly or thoroughly. Use varying scope. It addresses a particular theme. Even scholarly monographs, dealing with change, sometimes become so engrossed in narrative story lines that the actual evaluations of change do not stand out. Thesis should define areas of change and areas of continuity. But they rarely step back to analyze change, creating a sense that history involves one thing after another in fairly pell-mell fashion. The CCOT question requires analysis of process and explanation of the cause with specific examples. Theme 3 - what changed or stayed the same? How are changes and continuities in this specific topic influenced by global historical movements or processes? Change: You have to recognize major changes in history, and identify and understand what causes those changes. However, as time progressed into the 3rd and 4th centuries, the empire grew too large, with high and uneven taxes that led Rome to be weak to some external attacks by Germanic tribes.

And, of course, correct information. Analyze the cause of changes. The questions also asks you to address continuities, generally these are patterns or cultural tendencies that remain stagnant for years and years.

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Analyze the process of continuity and change. The same analytical issue is present in both cases, but obviously leads to rather different responses. Here again is a series of invitations to use the classroom to model the assessment of change, applying materials from the historians' treatments but adding some definite highlights. Authored by. Theme 2 - what changed or stayed the same? Unfortunately, formulas have limits here: each question requires relevant knowledge about when the internal breaks occur and on what basis they can be identified. History textbooks—including world history textbooks—are full of developments in the past, and in this sense they clearly catalog change. Continuity Continuity Recognize factors which remain the same throughout an entire period. Why analyze? Use varying scope. Show the change over time, using relevant history. Analyze the cause of changes. Support it with evidence.

Address both continuity and change! There's more than an exam at stake, in other words, and as teachers have mobilized to offer suggestions on essay-writing strategies, they also, if only implicitly, identify habits of mind that we need to be able to highlight.

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To evaluate your ability to analyze historical changes and continuities that have shaped events, social, political, economic developments in history and ability to gauge your analysis of global processes. Why analyze?

Continuity and change over time essay example

For Latin America, breaks would surely be identified around independence-cum-new-British-imports, and again in the s and s, when countries like Brazil, thanks to import substitution and some new export diversity, began gaining slightly greater voices in the terms of trade. An essay discussing characteristics that changed and stayed the same in a given region between two time periods. End: What has changed about this topic? Periodization and the AP World History Examination The real point of this second phase of analysis involves internal periodization: take a given topic international trade patterns , identify baseline and end point, and then talk about the major internal subdivisions based on new factors , additional directions, and even interruptions. Theme 2 - what changed or stayed the same? Analyzes the process of change over time and continuity. Bad: Bad: Prior to the Jewish people had no homeland. Process involves, among other things, identifying the major relevant developments that occur between baseline and endpoint. You must identify the change and make it clear why that change occurred. It very important to remember that you need to have concrete details to back up your continuity. A student must earn 7 points in the basic core before earning points in the expanded core area. History textbooks—including world history textbooks—are full of developments in the past, and in this sense they clearly catalog change. This can be done in two sentences.

The CCOT deals specifically with analysis of continuities and changes over time covering at least one of the periods in the course outline. Then there is the teaser approach common, I think, particularly in treatments of the early modern period : here's a past pattern, richly detailed, but in conclusion a "by the way, this situation would change greatly later on"—yet no explicit treatment of the actual process of change.

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AP World History Continuity and Change Over Time Essay.