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The host for example, a deejay at a radio station presents specific questions and the caller uses a telephone keypad to select a choice; the caller's action adds to the vote for that particular choice.

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This enables the quick and efficient call set-up and teardown across the network in one second. NFAS is signaling that is not directly associated with the path that a conversation will traverse and may concern other information located at a centralized database such as service subscription, feature activation, and service logic.

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To comply with these laws, SS7 can be used to query state and federal do-not-call lists which are stored on a database each time a telemarketer makes an outbound call.

Each signaling point uses a routing table to select the appropriate signaling path for each message.

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Enhanced E, which is being deployed across some states in the United States, utilizes SS7 to transmit the number of the calling party, look up the corresponding address of the subscriber in a database, and transmit the information to the emergency dispatch operator to enable a faster response to emergencies. However, calls that originate and terminate at the same switch do not use ISUP signaling. If a caller sends a text message to a subscriber without fixed-line SMS facility, the SMS is speech-synthesized to the subscriber's and their voice mailbox. Each signaling point uses a routing table to select the appropriate signaling path for each message. Point codes are carried in signaling messages exchanged between signaling points to identify the source and destination of each message. An SS7 network must be made up of SS7-capable equipment from end to end in order to provide its full functionality. Later these links were upgraded to bits per second. SS7 also enables the full use of the channel for the talk path, because the signaling is done out-of-band on its own separate channel. However, the carrier ties up parts of the network without getting a completion. High speed links utilize the entire bandwidth of a T1 1. This is more efficient in the call set-up and teardown process. In essence, the call is being built by the signaling as the progress is occurring on a link-by-link basis. The protocol uses messages much like the X.

There are three kinds of signaling points in the SS7 network. Thus, when a call is placed, the dialed digits, trunk selected, and other pertinent information are sent between switches using signaling links, rather than the trunks that will ultimately carry the conversation.

The voice or data that comprise the call is carried on the B channel. Televoting Televoting is a mass calling service that provides an easy method of surveying the public on any imaginable subject.

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Signaling links are added to link sets to increase the signaling capacity of the link set. Signaling links are used to carry all the necessary signaling messages between nodes. Telephone-Marketing Numbers The most commonly used telephone-marketing numbers are toll-free calling numbers calling , known as freephone in the United Kingdom. Each leg of the call set-up takes approximately two to four seconds, with the configuration shown in Figure , or a total call set-up takes approximately six to 12 seconds at a minimum from end to end. Enhancement proposals are already underway to obtain more precise location information. Supplementary Services Supplementary services provide the subscribers with more than plain old telephony service POTS , without requiring them to change their telephone handsets or access technology. The name and address information can be used to power CNAM, for example. What happens behind the scenes constitutes the backbone of the signaling systems. In recent years in the United Kingdom, marketing numbers that scarcely alter the call cost have been a popular means of masking geographical location. This is an evolutionary service that is continually being modified. An SSP sends signaling messages to other SSPs to setup, manage and release voice circuits required to complete a call. Level 2 implements flow control, message sequence validation and error checking. However, calls that originate and terminate at the same switch do not use ISUP signaling.

Fixed-line SMS requires compatible phones, which are becoming readily available. Additionally, the later version of SS7 uses a 56 Kbps data link.

ss7 architecture

Traffic is shared across all links in the linkset.

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