An analysis of the final episode of tv series mash

Meanwhile, a runaway tank destroys the camp latrine and crashes nearby.

An analysis of the final episode of tv series mash

During a sudden mortar attack prompted by the presence of the crashed tank, Father Mulcahy rushes to free several POWs from a makeshift holding pen and is knocked to the ground by a shell explosion that causes him to lose most of his hearing. It just—just stopped. She—She smothered her own baby! His approach on the set was like that of a jazz bandleader seeking to harness and ride raw inspiration, to capture lightning in a bottle—a framework that dared his cast toward spontaneity and serendipity. Father Mulcahy losing his hearing is sad. Potter comes by to visit again, and Rich manages to get Potter to open up about what's bugging him. He then gets a sponge bath from Margaret, who is gentle and discreet, and talks her way through it so that Rich barely realizes it's happening. The way the Hawkeye and B. Bert Allen, the set decorator from the series, went to D. A final ceasefire is announced, to take effect at that night and mark the end of hostilities in the war.

Just before Hawkeye leaves in a chopper, B. Some plot devices from the novel are adopted by the screenwriter, Ring Lardner, Jr. Before he knows it, it's over. This was the only time this approach was taken during the series. The ebullient personalities from the television series are nowhere to be found.

Hawkeye sarcastically says hello to Harry and Bess Truman.

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Flagg, and most of all Margaret, would have said had they been interviewed. Each morning seems to bring some fresh hell, a reminder that the nightmare is real, and that there is no end in sight.

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Hawkeye, upon learning that B. He smiles to himself as the chopper carries him away from the th. There he's met by B. Once the unit has set up a new site, the replacement surgeon arrives — B. Frank declines, stating he knows how everyone? It just—just stopped. Apparently Clete Roberts sprang the questions on the cast, and they made up the lines either during rehearsal or even during actual filming.

Then the similarities end. Hawkeye asks Rich to say something, anything, and he answers, haltingly, "Don't Charles reluctantly says goodbye to the Chinese musicians during a prisoner exchange, and they play the Mozart Clarinet Quintet for him while being driven away in a truck.

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He tries to see if Rich can talk, but he's still unable to. While performing triage, Charles is horrified to discover that one of the musicians has been brought in dead and that the others were killed when their truck was attacked.

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The farewell dinner sequence is well done.

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