An account of the brutal sand creek massacre in colorado

I saw the bodies of those lying there cut all to pieces, worse mutilated than any I ever saw before; the women cut all to pieces They told the Indians to return with Major Wynkoop, and whatever he agreed on doing with them would be recognized by them.

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Chivington was beyond the reach of army justice because he'd already resigned his commission. They told the Indians to return with Major Wynkoop, and whatever he agreed on doing with them would be recognized by them. Of the Native American victims, about three-fourths were women and children. They continued their time-honored avocation of war against the Utes and the Pawnees. Last April, , the Indians, Cheyennes, Arapahoes, and others, commenced their depredations upon the whites by entering their isolated habitations in the distant parts of this territory, taking therefrom everything they desired, and destroying the balance; driving off their stock, horses, mules and cattle. Troops were dispatched to punish the guilty. From the best and most reliable information I could obtain, there were in the Indian camp, at the time of the attack, about eleven 11 or twelve 12 hundred Indians: of these about seven hundred were warriors, and the remainder were women and children. What time of day or night was this attack made? Do you know whether or not it was done by the direction or consent of any of the officers. As daylight dawned they came in sight of the Indian camp, after a forced midnight march of forty-two miles, in eight hours, across the rough, unbroken plain. This was the southern band of Cheyennes; there is another band called the northern band. The Cheyennes and the Arapahos tentatively seemed to accept the situation, perhaps believing it was only temporary.

Others, including trader George Bentfled upstream and dug holes in the sand beneath the banks of the stream. Chivington protested, but to no avail. Who called on you to designate the bodies of those who were killed?

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Upon approaching the Indians, Lieutenant Dunn dismounted, walked forward alone about fifty paces from his command, and requested the Indians to return the stock, which Mr. No trace of the village site or massacre remains, apart from bullets, artillery fragments and other relics dug from decades of windblown dirt by archaeologists.

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An account of the brutal sand creek massacre in colorado

Chivington then assembled his troops in one area of the village. As the battle progressed the field of carriage widened until it extended over not less than twelve miles of territory. He apparently believed the whites would soon move farther west. They took as their territory the area around the headwaters of the Republican and Smoky Hill rivers in southern Nebraska, northern Kansas, and the northeastern Colorado Territory. Still he would advise them, if they wanted any assistance from the whites, to go to their nearest military post in their country, give up their arms and the stolen property, if they had any, and then they would receive directions in what way to act. Union soldiers, and generals such as Sherman and Sheridan, were redeployed west to subdue Plains Indians. But the northern band, the band known by the name of Dog soldiers of Cheyennes, had committed many depredations on the Platte. The court was charged to investigate the facts and to ensure justice to all parties. I then left my own camp and started for that portion of the troops that was nearest the village, supposing I could go up to the m. The Sand Creek Massacre resulted in a heavy loss of life, mostly among Cheyenne and Arapaho women and children. But, of course, these are not just any runners. This article was written by Gregory F. The willingness of congressmen and officers to accept hearsay evidence and obvious falsehoods shows that Chivington and the volunteers were already prejudged and condemned.

No, sir, not then.

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